You can now fund your GBP or EUR account in Kenya

fund your accountDo you have a GBP or EUR account in Kenya?

Many of you who have a GBP or EUR bank account in Kenya have told us of your occasional need to send money into this account.

However, isn’t it crazy that sending GBP or EUR to your foreign currency account in Kenya using money transfer companies is not possible?

That changes today. Using our experience in sending millions of dollars from Europe to Africa, connecting thousands of African families and tens of financial institutions in Africa, we’re now incredibly excited to announce to you that we have tackled this problem!

It’s Finally Here!
We’re happy to let you know that from today (23 Aug 2016), you can use SimbaPay to send GBP or EUR and have it paid out in the same currency in Kenya  (more African countries coming soon).

Do you earn your income in GBP or EUR? If so, then it makes sense to save money back home in GBP or EUR too. This means you will not be affected by exchange rates. For example, if you send GBP 250, then we pay out GBP 250 into the account in Kenya.

Try out this new exciting service using the SimbaPay app and send us your feedback.

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Your Questions Answered

How do I open a GBP/EUR bank account in Kenya?
Most Kenyan banks that have Diaspora departments will be happy to open a foreign currency account for you (GBP or EUR). If you would like us to make an introduction on your behalf, just reply to this email and we’ll hook you up with one from our panel.

What is the exchange rate on Same Currency Transfers?
There is no exchange rate on Same Currency Transfers. We pay out exactly what you send. For example, if you send GBP 250, then we pay out GBP 250 into the account in Kenya

How much can I send in Same Currency Transfers?
You can send up to GBP 30,000 or EUR 45,000 per transaction. Enough to buy a good plot huh 🙂

How long do Same Currency Transfers take on SimbaPay?
Transfers sent via this service are paid out on the following business day.

What are the fees for Same Currency Transfers?
From as little as £15/€15 depending on the Payment Method (Debit Card/ Bank Transfer/ SOFORT) you choose and the speed you choose (Economy/Express). Have a play with different options in the app

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