Unaitas connects to SimbaPay for Instant Diaspora Remittances

Unaitas (one of Kenya’s largest SACCOs) has today partnered with SimbaPay, a digital money transfer provider, to offer international money transfer services to the SACCO’s customers in the Diaspora.

Unaitas accounts receiving the funds will be credited instantly. The service is currently available for the UK/EU-Kenya remittance corridors only and will be expanded to cover more countries soon.

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Diaspora Banking

Unaitas has created a dedicated Diaspora Banking section on its website, www.unaitas.com.

According to the World Bank, Kenyans abroad currently send home an estimated $2.5 billion annually making remittances Kenya’s largest foreign exchange earner.


How the Service Works

To send money via SimbaPay, Kenyans living in Europe with a bank account, debit card or credit card simply need to download the SimbaPay app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play and proceed to make money transfers straight from any mobile phone, tablet or computer.


For ease of use, Unaitas has been added to the list of Pay Bill business on SimbaPay. This eliminates the need for customers having to remember the Unaitas Pay Bill business numbers.


Using the SimbaPay app, users can instantly pay hundreds of Pay Bill registered businesses and organisations.


Award Winning

In September 2015, SimbaPay was named the overall winner at the just concluded Demo Africa 2015.

SimbaPay also launched free, instant transfers to all Nigerian banks in May 2015. In June it became the first platform in the world to allow Kenyans living abroad to make M-Pesa PayBill payments and continues to disrupt the cross-border remittance industry with its focus on speed and convenience.

The SimbaPay app can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Android app stores.
Visit http://www.SimbaPay.com for more information.

About SimbaPay
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SimbaPay is an award winning mobile app transforming the international remittance space. With a focus on breakneck speed, convenience and constant innovation, users are able to send money to loved ones or even vendors in Africa, from wherever they are at any time of day or night.

The company is headquartered in London and can be found online at www.SimbaPay.com .
Twitter:             @SimbaPay      https://twitter.com/SimbaPay
Facebook:         https://www.facebook.com/SimbaPay
About Unaitas
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Unaitas was registered as a Savings and Credit cooperative Society known as Murang’a Tea Growers. Through visionary leaders, committed members and economic environments over the course of our rich history, Unaitas has since prospered. Unaitas has continued to grow in diverse membership and inclusive service offerings for individuals, investment groups and small medium enterprises with dreams to achieve great things.


Today, Unaitas is a leading, progressive Sacco in Kenya with a purpose that is simple and clear: making financial power more accessible to the common man, so that he is able to explore more of his dreams and aspirations. Unaitas believes in the power of more than one-that alone we are limited, but if you and me united in mind heart and purpose- then we can achieve that which seemed impossible alone.