FinTech is Hot at DemoAfrica 2015

demo-africa top 30Team @simbapay landed in Lagos this week for the much anticipated Demo Africa 2015 event. Being a FinTech business [ erm, what is FinTech? ], we obviously set about finding out which other FinTech businesses are around (partnership announcement coming?).

Why is FinTech Hot this Year

25% of the Startups @ DemoAfrica are FinTechs

With Africa being the birth place of M-Pesa, FinTech is hotly watched and was bound to be hot. The numbers show FinTech is indeed hot in this year’s Demo Africa.

Of the top 30 startups rigorously picked as the final cut, 25% are FinTech businesses! Wow.

The FinTech Cut

So if like us you’re eager to know what FinTech startups made the cut of Africa’s top 30 startups, check out the list we compiled below. Did we miss anyone out? Let us know.

SimbaPay – a mobile app transforming the international remittance space. With a focus on breakneck speed, convenience and constant innovation, users are able to send money to loved ones or even vendors in Africa, from wherever they are at any time of day or night.
Abacus – helping investors make smarter, faster and more decisions by providing access to real time market data, news and analytics.
BambaPOS – allowing retail merchants to access point of sale and inventory management automation with any android smart device.
Bitsoko – an Android mobile wallet removing the cost of transferring money between two individuals and increasing access to payment services. – is an online comparison platform which enables users to compare insurance quotes across insurance categories.
Lipaplus – LipaPlus helps SMEs accept credit/debit card payments and also manage their sales, inventory and finances using just their phones.
Shield Finance – a FinTech company using proprietary technology while leveraging on Mobile Money to offer under banked employees affordable salary advances directly to their mobile phones.
Zeepay Mobile Financial Services – Mobile payments for both USSD and smart phones using NFC and supporting international remittances onto PoS.

Awesome cut, covers everything FinTech from remittances to bitcoin, alternative finance to payments.

Look out for announcements made by this businesses over the rest of the week.

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